Community content

DRIVER Syndicate is a modding friendly game meaning it welcomes new content from the community with open arms.

To meet this wish, you can Download the level editor to make new maps yourself!

You can also download and enjoy the work of other community members on this page with tutorials on how to install them.

Here is a list of mods already available.

Enabling the Addons

All the mods are called Addons. All you need to do is download the files and put them in the “Addons” folder of your The Driver Syndicate directory. Then, go to the “Addons” sub-menu in the game and enable them (On/Off).

Be aware that some Addons may have conflicts with others. To avoid it, you can still install all of them but do not enable them at the same time in the game menu!

How to install Addons & Mods

After downloading the ZIP/RAR archive of the addons/mods, extract it to *YourTheDriverSyndicateInstallDirectory\Addons* folder.

You will also need to enable it in the main menu of the game. Go to Settings then Addons and use the on/off parameter to enable it.

How to use the console

To use the console, open it with the key above the TAB key on your keyboard. Type your command and press ENTER to execute it, press the key above the TAB key to close the console. Some changes may require to restart the game before they apply.

Etc… There are console commands for cheat codes too.

How to use Level Editor

Extract the files in your DRIVER Syndicate install directory then go to EqEngine-DrvSyn-SDK\Tools and drag all the files there to the roots so there are in YourInstallDirectory folder directly (same place as the DrvSyn.exe).

Now you can open LevelEditor!

Be sure that both DRIVER Syndicate and Level Editor are on the same version (if DRIVER Syndicate got an update, you will need to get the updated Level Editor too).

The controls details listed below can also be found in the Tools folder of the Level Editor in the file called that can be opened with notepad.

Main controls

Holding SHIFT lets you control the camera
Drag with Left Mouse button: rotate camera
Drag with Right mouse button: camera dolly mode (move forward and back)
Drag with Middle mouse button: moves camera up-down and left-right
Rotating Mouse Wheel: changes camera movement speed

Other controls:
Ctrl + Z: Undo action (only works with Height field editor for now)
Ctrl + H: Toggle heightfield tile helpers display

Height field editor:


Space: rotate texture for placement
Control + Mouse wheel: Changes radius of tool
Left mouse: sets tile texture and properties (see “What paint” and “Tile flags”)
Right mouse: deletes tile texture, keeps properties
Middle mouse drag: draws a line and performs same as left mouse for each tile in line

Holding Control: changes height of tiles, pressing left, right and middle buttons behaves as above for height (see the Height Paint settings)
Holding ALT: On left click copies Tile properties, including tile height

UI explanation:

"LAYER": There is 4 layers of heightfields so you can create something like bridges, or water.

Please note the AI Roads are forced to be at LAYER 0

"Draw helpers" shows you what kind of tiles are painted on region. Color shows what tile flags set

Tile flags defines how geometry of height field is generated:

Level objects:

T changes placement mode (Tile or Free)
Space: rotate 90 degrees for placement

Left click: places object
Right click: removes object (if it's placed on Tile)

Control + Left click: toggle selection
Control + Space: duplicate selection
ESC: cancel selection
DEL: deletes selection
G: movement mode R: rotation mode (Alt+R will reset rotation) N: set the name of object (for scripting purposes)

Object list/picker panel: Right click - show context menu

Building constructor:

It has to be reworked.
Basically works just like Level objects editor.
But if you want to create new building, you have to create models for templates and place variants.

Occluder editor:

This is an important tool because you can seriously drop performance with your cities.

Manipulation: Control + Left click: toggle selection
ESC: cancel selection
DEL: deletes selection

First left click: begins occluder
Second left click: sets end point
Third left click: sets the height of occluder and ends it.

Road editor:

Holding Left Mouse: paints waypoints
Holding Right mouse: removes waypoints
Holding Middle mouse: draws a line, if Straight is selected, it will paint road in that direction Space: rotate 90 degrees for placement
T: cycles between types

Prefab manager:

This tool still not completely done, it must be able to save/place object and occluders

Placement mode:
Double click in list to select prefab
Space: rotate 90 degrees for placement
ESC: cancel placement

Creation mode:
Just select the region by dragging mouse with left button pressed, and press Create in the UI

Video on the basics:

How to import a new car

If you download Miami by _matti it comes with a working CarMods folder and script. To use the Arvensis and other cars you put into CarMods you should remove the “example mod” folder and have it look something like this.

How to change the car of the Job Interview

Go to gamedata/scripts/missions/training then open with notepad ivew.lua then look for carname and change “rollo” by the name of the car you want (“arvensis” is the PSX car).

Car change

Don’t forget to save in notepad!