The name of this city is fictitious; if it really exists, it is a coincidence. After being familiar with the level editor thanks to Chickhenhill, Swisscruiser started building this project. It should be large and offer many details such as tunnels, bridges, parks, underground garages and so on. The minimap should also be very detailed. The city should be designed in such a way that there is enough space for all kinds of missions. There should be alleys, jumps, shortcuts and obstacles that provide a lot of variety. There should also be different regions such as residential areas, industry, residential areas, beaches and so on. In order to observe the construction progress, the author is publishing YouTube videos almost every day to be able to follow the speed at which the city is emerging. On average, he's working 3 hours a day on the city.

Created by SwissCruiser

Added Dec 30, 2020

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