The cities of Miami and New York were taken as the main idea of the map, but not for the purpose of copying them. You can still find similar outlines on the map, but everything is fictional. The creation of the map began on January 15, 2020, then the project had a completely different name (the author's nickname was used). In the last update, the name of the map on “Arise” was changed (the original idea was to name the city Marisetta). The project turned out to be large in size and interesting, the city was changed and updated, completed and eventually released in the first release on June 30, later with a detailed mini-map. The city combines both tall skyscrapers and small houses, which gives variety in the planning and creation of various districts. It took a lot of time to create and learn an editor from scratch, sometimes 5 hours a day.

Created by AudreyN

Added Dec 27, 2020

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